Saturday, January 9, 2010


I've been battling a secret addiction of reading every adoption blog I can get my hands on.....I wonder if there is a Blog Reader Anonymous group I can join! All these blogs have inspired me to write my own, even if just to chronicle this journey for myself and future children.
I watched this movie last night "Gigantic" about a young single guy who had always wanted to adopt a baby from china. It led me to several strange emotions/thoughts:
1. It struck me as off that a young single guy would want to adopt.....then I realized that it is no different then my current situation. So why does that strike me as strange?
2. Why can't I find a young cute guy whose dream in life is to adopt a bunch of kiddos??...Wait I just thought that was an odd dream for a young single guy...oh well :)

At this point in my adoption roller coaster journey, I have just about finished my homestudy (back to that in a minute). I've always wanted to adopt children and for the past few years have wanted to seriously pursue it, in September the training classes finally worked with my schedule and I completed my foster to adopt training through the county. Then came the first aid/cpr classes taught by a dictator of a woman....I'm still having nightmares of her screaming "FLIP THE BABY" during infant cpr! I started the homestudy "interviews" which has really been a frustrating experience. Mostly because I am an organized "Work smarter-not harder" kind of person and clearly my social worker was not! I swear I have answered the same questions numerous times because she doesn't have it in her notes. WELL, you wouldn't have it your yellow notebook there because you brought you laptop last week and a yellow notebook the week before. Oh well I guess its just the introduction of the foster care world as I have read in so may blog and chat rooms. Anyway this past eek as supposed to be my last visit, but I didn't pass the safety audit. Right before Christmas I had a pipe burst in the bathroom and the plumbers had to take down several tiles from the kitchen ceiling to get to all the pipes. Now the ceiling tiles are purely cosmetic, what safety precautions dos the ceiling tile hold?? Anyway the ceiling tiles had to be specially ordered and wont be in for another two weeks, SW won't approve without it. Which makes no sense to me considering no one checks to make sure the fireplace is in working order but those darn ceiling tiles have danger written all over them. Anyway, after all that the SW says her goal is to get my license by April and hopefully a placement shortly after that. Right now my age range is 0-8 and I'm open to pretty much anything with a few exceptions. Given that my background is Special Education I feel like I have the skills and training to work with a variety of disabilities.

While that's all for now, I have some dogs who are dying for a game of fetch and a bite of leftover chicken enchiladas!

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