Monday, June 21, 2010


I got my license in the mail today!!!  Of course there is a whole packet of papers.....and nowhere in there does it tell me what to do next.  It did mention the Foster/adopt caseworker my file was being transferred to so I emailed her to see what I should do now!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bad day

Got layed off yesterday....great timing, huh?!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Going on Day 4

Going on Day 4 without a car!  It was vibrating like crazy so I had to take it in to the shop.  Hopefully it will be done today.....and it should only cost $200.00.  I was expecting it to be much more :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Its like Im in highschool waiting for a boy to call!

Ive got this lump in my throat, cinder block on my chest feeling.  This waiting is killing me.  I feel like Im back in highschool and some boy said, "I'll give you a call later."  So you sit by the phone waiting for it to ring....and you wait....and wait....and wait.....and when the phone rings its like you jumped right out of your skin...only to find out it was your mother asking you to start the oven!  I can't seem to get anything done, I have things that I should be doing but I just keep starting projects and getting sidetracked.  Then half the time I just cant get up and get motivated......Im just stuck!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Im old~

I got a new phone today!! In my younger days i would have relished at the thought of sitting there and setting up my new phone and playing around with it for hours till I figured everything out.....not this time! I sat there3 for 15 minutes got totally frustrated and drove to the store. I promptly told them to set it up for me. Sat there for 15 minutes and out the guy came with everything set up, he just transferred all my emails, instant messenger accounts, contacts, and pictures over to the new phone....much easier!


OMG NOW SHE CALLS AND SAYS MY AUTO INSURANCE CARD ON FILE HAS EXPIRED!!!!! I give up! So I have to fax her that now! I dont even have any kids yet and the "system" is driving me crazy. I cant imagine the frustrations I will feel when dealing with birthparents, caseworkers, GAL's, etc. I dont know how everyone does it.

On a good note she saud she thinks by Wednesday she will have my least I think thats what she said, or maybe she met it would get sent out on Wednesday??? I dont know she says Ive already been approved, whatever that means, and she is just waiting on my license.

If Children Services what not this godlike agency that held all the power to me getting my future children I would call her supervisor, but Im not trying to rock the boat before I even get started!

Thankfully all my teachers are out for the summer so that greatly reduces the consultation work for the next few months. WHICH is why it would be a perfect time for a placement since I have more free time and can work from home most days!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crying always works!

Had a slight emotional break down today! I was so frustrated on multiple levels. CW called today and guess what...surprise, file still has not been sent out to the state. She has now told me on three different occassions that it has been sent out, but then realizes she missed something and has to pretend like she never told me that. This time she says the medical form, that was sent back in DECEMBER, was not completed all the way by my Doctor. She tried calling the doctor and the doctor refused to fill it out!!!!! Now lets back track and tell you how the first time the Doctors Office mailed the form to the CW they also inadvertently mailed her my prescription for birth HIPPA anyone??

Regardless, I was SO upset I decided to drive down there myself! Of course the Doctor was at a different office today!!! Well the ladies were all really nice and they called over to the other office and spoke with the Doctor. The lady comes back, lookin bewildered, and says that the Doctor said she doesnt know me well enough and maybe I should have someone who knows me better fill it out??? Am I supposed to have my Doctor over for dinner???? What the hell! So at this point I start crying and tell the ladies that this just doesnt make any sense she already filled out the form, I just need her to fill in one section statiung she doesnt know of any health reasons why I should be precluded from foster/adopt program??? The nurse looks at my chart and says you look healthy to me Ill sign it!! GREAT! Except I dont have another form! So they call over to the other office to have them fax the form over and the Doctor refuses. At this point I am in hysterics, I tell the ladies that this has been a nightmare and that this office violated my hippa rights and all I need is one sentence written on the form that was already filled out! The ladies have me go sit in the waiting room while they figure it out.

A few minutes later they have a fax from the other office with the information I need filled out. The nurse claimed that the Doctor was just confused about what the question was asking...yeah right! So they faxe it to cw. The kicker is she wrote on the line "Appears healthy as of 3/19/09" since that is the last time I saw her personally (I was just there three months ago but saw the nurse). I dont even know if that will fly since it was over a year ago! If I get another call I may have to be checked into a mental hospital!
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