Monday, August 9, 2010


Those who know me know that watching TV is my second job.....and at my last office I rigged up a TV so it was kinda my first job :)  I DVR like a queen and can multi task anything as long as TV is on while I am doing it.  That is why this next story is a jaw dropping shocker:

After all the kids went to bed last night I came downstairs to watch some TV.  The DVR is 98% full!!  However, while going through the DVR to find a show to watch.......... icarly was playing............I exited the DVR menu and watched it and the next episode too.........I dont know why BUT I had to see what icarly's room would look like after the big fire :)

There was a time where I seriously considered some sort of TV watching rehab, turns out I just needed some kids to occupy my time :)


There havent been enough visits yet to tell if the "acting out" coincides directly or if the kids are just having a bad day....but it was one h*ll of a weekend! 

Im an easily irritated person as it is and the fact that E continues to test me at every step is draining!  Of course it is then followed up with, "Sorry I had an episode, I love you Mommy!"  This is of course a big improvement so I will focus on that :)  I also inadvertently have taken E off his meds for the last week as we try and sort out with Medicaid whether they will cover the new prescription.  Other than a bad report on Friday from daycare and a biting "incident" at his visit with Mom, Im really pretty pleased with his behavior all things considered. 

W has been really clingy since visits started.  When I pick them up he starts screaming and holding his hands out to come to me.  Given the situation (they usually hold the kids and walk them out to the car and get them buckled) I try to keep my distance during the exchanges.  BUT the poor little bewildered look in his eyes is enough to make you cry.  He doesnt understand why I am not rushing in to pick him up and soothe his little tears....heartbreaking.  Now he doesnt want to get left at daycare or bedtime or anywhere else....which is unusual for him.

R is getting bigger and bigger, 11 pounds now, AND wait for it........I only had to get up ONE time last night, boy do I feel refreshed this morning.

Too bad I have a crap load of work to do this week :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Appointments, Appointments

It seems my life has become consumed with the never ending appointments these kiddos have to have!!  Went to the Dr with baby boy this week and he weighed in at 11 pounds!  That means he gained more in the 2 weeks hes been here than his whole first 2 months of life :)  Then we had a Help me Grow appt for baby yesterday, W is also in help me grow but they couldnt find his paperwork in time to combine the visits......which means I will have to do this all over again with him.  Anyway Baby did really well,  they were concerned with the lack of eye contact and tracking.  Even when he is looking at you it seems like he is looking past you.  So they will be monitoring him for that.  THEN.....I finallly got my WIC appt!

I dont even know where to begin with WIC.  Lets start with the fact that I was reprimanded by the "Dietician" for giving W a sippy cup.......apparantly he should just go from a bottle straight to a regular cup.  Thats all fine and dandy but have you seen a 21 month old drink out of a regular cup?????????????  I have enough laundry and carpet stains to deal with as it is lady!  Then when I tell her that he drinks white milk, water, and juice,  she tells me that I should be giving him chocolate milk instead of juice???!!!  What kind of a dietician is this do you know how much sugar is in chocolate milk??? 

But regardless I walked out of there with "WIC Coupons" for the next 3 months totaling over a thousand dollars worth of food and wonder people keep having babies they cant afford!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Unexpected Check

So I got a check in the mail yesterday that I wasnt expecting!  Apparently I got paid to take the pre-service training classes???!!!  Ummmmmm, why did no one ever mention that?!  Anyway I was happy because I dont get the boys foster care board till the 15th which means 2,000 out of my pocket on daycare until then.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Judge

So E has talked about the "Judge" a few times now, you might as well replace fire-breathing demonic child killing monster for judge or cops in his mind.  This morning he woke up and said that he thought he wasnt here anymore when he woke up.  I asked him what he meant and he said he was afraid the "Judge" made him move again.  I told him he wasnt going to be moving for awhile and he didnt need to worry about it right now.  Then he asked if he would see me when he went home with mom.  I said I would try to see him wherever he is! awful for these little guys in the system.  What can I really say???  I dont know if he will be going home or staying here, or hell if the JUDGE will decide he needs to move again!!  AND it really irritates me that we are supposed to impress upon these kids that the Judge is going to decide what is best for you...blah, blah, blah.  I want to just tell them the truth......your mom is a deadbeat who cant seem to put in enough effort to get you back.  But no we cant possible do that so instead we teach these kids from a young age that the Judge is the big meanie who wont let him go home.  Its bad enough that my kid thinks cops are only there to put you in jail.  You should have seen his little face when I tried to explain that Cops are only here to help people and keep us safe!  You would have thought I told him that pigs fly!
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