Friday, June 4, 2010


OMG NOW SHE CALLS AND SAYS MY AUTO INSURANCE CARD ON FILE HAS EXPIRED!!!!! I give up! So I have to fax her that now! I dont even have any kids yet and the "system" is driving me crazy. I cant imagine the frustrations I will feel when dealing with birthparents, caseworkers, GAL's, etc. I dont know how everyone does it.

On a good note she saud she thinks by Wednesday she will have my least I think thats what she said, or maybe she met it would get sent out on Wednesday??? I dont know she says Ive already been approved, whatever that means, and she is just waiting on my license.

If Children Services what not this godlike agency that held all the power to me getting my future children I would call her supervisor, but Im not trying to rock the boat before I even get started!

Thankfully all my teachers are out for the summer so that greatly reduces the consultation work for the next few months. WHICH is why it would be a perfect time for a placement since I have more free time and can work from home most days!

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