Saturday, July 13, 2013

BeTA 2014 Auction

You have probably heard me talk about the awesomeness that is Orlando, if not check out their website at BeTA: Beyond Trauma and Attachment.  It is a life changing event for so many moms parenting the kids from hard places.  Here is your chance to support this organization and help get trauma mommas scholarship funds to get to Orlando.  So many families bringing in children who have suffered trauma and attachment issues quickly find their finances strained and resources drained.  Therapies are often not covered by insurance, schooling options can become expensive, special diets, replacing stolen or damaged all adds up!  Some moms desperately need to get to Orlando for support, rejuvenation, and education but don't have the funds to do this.  BeTA sponsors and annual auction to do just this!

Check it out at , if you don't see anything you want to bid on you can still donate by clicking the DONATE NOW button on the auction page.  Any donation over $5.00 will receive a postcard sized print of 'We are all Wonder Women'!

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