Friday, May 9, 2014

Alex's Sibling Visit

This will be the second weekend that Alex was supposed to have a visit with his sister who lives with  kinship placement. The same kinship placement he was removed from.  Last time the kinship caregiver cancelled.  This time she called and said she will only come for 30 minutes since the Judge said she couldn't be in the visit.  She didn't want to wait in the lobby for 2 hours.  We will see how it goes tomorrow.


  1. Why was the sister not removed, if you can share? And why on earth does the kinship caregiver get to make that decision??? She can go do something else for 2 hours!!

    1. We were in a similar situation where the foster mom of a sibling didn't want to do visits for various reasons, one of which was that (according to her) she HAD to be there with the sibling due to behaviors. I understood on one hand, but was annoyed on the other. I couldn't make her do anything, just try my best to arrange the visits to make it easier for her to agree. It can be a tough line to walk - you don't want to make the other family so mad they refuse to cooperate at all, yet you want your kid(s) to see their sibling(s). In our case the judge finally made a comment about it in court and the case worker had to step up the game a bit. It got to a point where I told the case worker that I would call once at the beginning of the month to schedule visits but if I hadn't heard back, it was up to our agency to fulfill the court's orders.

      Just to clarify a few things - the kids mentioned above were preschool/school aged. Also, visits were supervised by us, with the thought that it would be easier to arrange for everyone rather than with a set schedule by the case worker at their office. When the case started, visits were on a regular schedule at the office and supervised by the case worker.

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