Thursday, December 15, 2011

Best Day/Worst Day Activity

It gets worst before it gets better....right?

It seems the more I have been trying to do activities and have discussions with Matthew about the past, feelings, family, etc. the more behaviors I'm seeing.  And I think that's a good thing, for the last year and a half if I felt like I was pushing him to hard I would back off.  I've realized though that for him he NEEDS to be pushed to explore these things otherwise he lets all of these feelings fester inside until we have HUGE rages for no apparent reason.  So I'm going to take the daily uncomfortable small rages as we work through his issues and hope that helps avoid the huge rages that end up with us in the Emergency Room or in residential treatment programs!

Today we took a piece of paper and folded it in half.
The first half we drew our BEST DAY and the second half was the WORST DAY.
I was really surprised at how difficult this was for Mathew.  He was stuck!
Eventually he chose to draw a picture of him getting a good report from school as his best day.
After much coaxing he finally quickly said his worst day was at the bad house with bad Junior, he was the biggest and was mean to me.  Then promptly refused to engage in any more conversation.
I know its a slow process but I just wish we could break through on this soon!  Everytime we get close he totally shuts down.  So we will keep gently pushing little by little till we make more progress.

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