Thursday, December 15, 2011


After last night's "episode" I decided to make a chart with all the minutes of chores Matthew has earned for his negative behaviors.  I have a hard time of keeping track of consequences or time owed.  This way he gets to actually cross out the time once he has completed his work. 

So far, so good.  I'm currently relaxing on the couch well he is sorting the dirty laundry.  He has already cleaned the toilet, the dinner table and vacuumed the stairs!  45 minutes crossed off!  I've even told him several times he can take a break, but he just wants more work to cross out his time. It probably helps that we got a netflix movie in the mail today :)

Lets hope the evening continues on a pleasant note, cause I am exhausted from the last week and tired of dodging flying objects

UPDATED:  We still had some issues at bedtime tonight.  However, after Matthew had calmed down and I came back upstairs he asked if he could talk about his feelings.  He said he was afraid I would spank him with a belt and leave him alone like his other mom did.  I told him I would never do that and we also discussed (in very generalized terms) that when he was a baby he didnt get all the things he needed to feel safe and loved and that now it is hard for him to trust others to do those things.  It actually seemed to click with him.

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