Thursday, September 26, 2013


After waiting MONTHS for the social worker who is completing my home study to send me my registration number for fingerprinting, it finally arrived!  I had to bring a little one with me, but overall it was fairly quick and painless.  I went first thing in the morning, my little one has been really wonky from about 11am-1pm lately, no idea what that is about! We waited about 30 minutes and it took about 30 seconds to complete the fingerprinting.  She said I should receive the results in a week - 10 days, quicker than I had read online!  Hopefully this will not slow anything up. As far as I know we are still on for submitting my home study to the board on October 1st.  I would love to have some more kiddos by Christmas time.....specifically some girls so I can finally do some toy shopping that involves dolls and everything pink :)

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