Monday, September 23, 2013


Ill update this post as I go through the homestudy process.

I received a call from the caseworker assigned to do my homestudy.  He co-taught my Saturday Classes 3 and 4, and is teaching Class 5 next week.  He scheduled to come to the house Tuesday afternoon for our first session.  A few days later I got a packet in the mail with some documents and forms he will need.

They are requesting the following:
10 years of income records, in the form of W-2s and/or Social Security Statements-  This seems a little excessive to me, in the other state I just needed to provide the last years tax return and current paystub.  Since I am self-employed it makes this a little more difficult.  Hopefully he will accept my 1040's from the years I have no W-2's.
Health Certificates for entire family-  This is seriously irritating because the physical has to be done within 30 days of the homestudy being completed.  The kicker is we have all already had our yearly physical earlier in the year and the insurance wont pay for another one till next year, so I have to pay out of pocket. Update:  I had the doctor fill out the form based on the last physical anyway and am just submitting that, we will see if they say anything!  BUT I am not about to shell out $100 per physical unless I absolutely have to!
Pet Shot Records- Already have those :)
Drivers license and Insurance- Check
Renters Insurance- Check

Fingerprinting:  After months of waiting for my registration number to get my fingerprints done, the CW has finally sent it to me!  I will be going tomorrow!

The caseworker came out to the house three times for the interview phase, the questions were typical.

Caseworker says he will be submitting the homestudy for review by the agency on October 1st....we will see if that actually happens, fingers crossed.

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