Tuesday, October 1, 2013

James' Medication Appointment

We have been trying to get James started on medication for the past two years.   We are constantly told he is too young by the doctors/psychiatrists who see him for all of 10 minutes and are constantly told by the therapists/counselors/teachers/behavior specialists that work with him on a daily basis that they don't think he will make much progress without the medication piece.  Yesterday we finally had the medication appointment with a psychiatrist at the mental health agency we work with. I had to go through his history for the fifth time with this mental health agency.  It is so irritating and a complete waste of time, read the file people!  Of course if they actually read the file and reports from everyone working with him the appointment would last about 15 minutes and then they couldn't charge the insurance an exorbitant amount of money.  After an hour of going through his history, concerns, and issues she started to say he was too young for medication and that he would need to be in a special class next year in Kindergarten.   After slowly counting to ten so as not to explode, I as calmly as I could told her she was completely wrong.  The reason we are here now is to try and get all of the pieces together BEFORE he gets in Kindergarten next year.  This is not my first rodeo, I waited two years to get all the pieces in place with Matthew.  If I would have stood my ground and told the "experts" they were wrong maybe Matthew would have made more progress sooner, I was NOT doing this dance again.  She gave me a long speech about how he certainly shouldn't be on a stimulant and in the end she recommended to start him on Tenex after he had an EKG. If she would have asked me at the beginning of the appointment what I wanted for him.....I would have said Tenex, the appointment would have lasted 10 minutes and we would have been at the same place.  BUT what do I know, I'm just a highly educated, experienced therapeutic parent.

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