Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Court for Alex

Last week I got a letter in the mail with sibling visit dates and times for the rest of the year, every other Saturday.  Nobody bothered asking me if we were available that day or time, but so goes foster care.  As part of the letter Grandma was asked to attend the visits as we'll to continue a relationship with Alex.  This is the caregiver he was removed from who currently has temp custody of his sister.  Grandma is also supposed to call Friday afternoon to confirm the visit.

Today I got a call from DHS worker, he was AT court in the Judges chambers and needed to know my name and address.  That's right he went to court and didn't even have basic information like where the kid is living?!  He called me back about three times asking questions he should know the answers to.
About an hour later my agency worker called to let me know the sibling visits will now NOT include any of the Grandparents.  Didn't tell me why, but did confirm she would call Friday and let me know if the visit has been confirmed.

Did I mention no one told me there was court today?  Ugh!


  1. How frustrating to be left in the cold! Also, I would hate to have to do visits on Saturdays :/ I want my weekends for family time but I know that might just happen to me too.

  2. Don't you just love it when the case workers are on top of things! [sarcasm] I know they have tons on their plates, but still!... I was flabbergasted a few weeks ago when our baby's case worker told us he hadn't even read the case plan yet and didn't know what tasks the parents were supposed to be working on!!!! And we were told today when baby was picked up that the visits have been reduced suddenly. We've had wonderful case workers in the past who are on top of everything and great at communicating, so having works that are not as skilled at this is disappointing and somewhat worrying. But I try to stay positive and communicate as much as I can!!


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