Monday, August 9, 2010


There havent been enough visits yet to tell if the "acting out" coincides directly or if the kids are just having a bad day....but it was one h*ll of a weekend! 

Im an easily irritated person as it is and the fact that E continues to test me at every step is draining!  Of course it is then followed up with, "Sorry I had an episode, I love you Mommy!"  This is of course a big improvement so I will focus on that :)  I also inadvertently have taken E off his meds for the last week as we try and sort out with Medicaid whether they will cover the new prescription.  Other than a bad report on Friday from daycare and a biting "incident" at his visit with Mom, Im really pretty pleased with his behavior all things considered. 

W has been really clingy since visits started.  When I pick them up he starts screaming and holding his hands out to come to me.  Given the situation (they usually hold the kids and walk them out to the car and get them buckled) I try to keep my distance during the exchanges.  BUT the poor little bewildered look in his eyes is enough to make you cry.  He doesnt understand why I am not rushing in to pick him up and soothe his little tears....heartbreaking.  Now he doesnt want to get left at daycare or bedtime or anywhere else....which is unusual for him.

R is getting bigger and bigger, 11 pounds now, AND wait for it........I only had to get up ONE time last night, boy do I feel refreshed this morning.

Too bad I have a crap load of work to do this week :)

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