Monday, August 9, 2010


Those who know me know that watching TV is my second job.....and at my last office I rigged up a TV so it was kinda my first job :)  I DVR like a queen and can multi task anything as long as TV is on while I am doing it.  That is why this next story is a jaw dropping shocker:

After all the kids went to bed last night I came downstairs to watch some TV.  The DVR is 98% full!!  However, while going through the DVR to find a show to watch.......... icarly was playing............I exited the DVR menu and watched it and the next episode too.........I dont know why BUT I had to see what icarly's room would look like after the big fire :)

There was a time where I seriously considered some sort of TV watching rehab, turns out I just needed some kids to occupy my time :)

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