Friday, August 6, 2010

Appointments, Appointments

It seems my life has become consumed with the never ending appointments these kiddos have to have!!  Went to the Dr with baby boy this week and he weighed in at 11 pounds!  That means he gained more in the 2 weeks hes been here than his whole first 2 months of life :)  Then we had a Help me Grow appt for baby yesterday, W is also in help me grow but they couldnt find his paperwork in time to combine the visits......which means I will have to do this all over again with him.  Anyway Baby did really well,  they were concerned with the lack of eye contact and tracking.  Even when he is looking at you it seems like he is looking past you.  So they will be monitoring him for that.  THEN.....I finallly got my WIC appt!

I dont even know where to begin with WIC.  Lets start with the fact that I was reprimanded by the "Dietician" for giving W a sippy cup.......apparantly he should just go from a bottle straight to a regular cup.  Thats all fine and dandy but have you seen a 21 month old drink out of a regular cup?????????????  I have enough laundry and carpet stains to deal with as it is lady!  Then when I tell her that he drinks white milk, water, and juice,  she tells me that I should be giving him chocolate milk instead of juice???!!!  What kind of a dietician is this do you know how much sugar is in chocolate milk??? 

But regardless I walked out of there with "WIC Coupons" for the next 3 months totaling over a thousand dollars worth of food and wonder people keep having babies they cant afford!!


  1. did your agency give you the info about applying for WIC? if we keep Baby "Aarron" then i definitely want to apply (even though we can afford the formula and food... I would prefer to be able to save money if the children are permitted to have WIC, ya know?) xoxox M

  2. I wouldnt say they exaclty gave me the information :) I said, "The baby should be able to get WIC, right?".....and they said, "Yeah". But it was definitely worth it, the baby gets 10 cans of formula a month! AND since he is currently drinking about 40 oz a day that definitely frees up some funds to spend on toys and clothes. The 2 year old gets like 4 gallons of milk, 64 oz of juice, 64 oz of cereal, 64 oz of grains, peanut butter, beans, and veggie vouchers. As soon as you know if he is staying call the WIC office, cause it took about 2 weeks for me to get an appointment. AND make sure when your filling out the application you dont put your household income down, as foster parents it doesnt matter how much money we have the kids should automatically qualify!

  3. Thanks dear!! If the baby ends up staying with us and the girls come too, then I am definitely applying. I already applied for the daycare aid, because the baby qualifies and where else is he going to be while I am working?


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