Thursday, May 30, 2013

Angry Drawing

Matthew and I have been reading through a book called "A Safe Place For Caleb".

In the book they have some great ideas for kids, one of which is what they call Angry Drawing.  The child basically just scribbles hard on paper when they are upset to get out there frustrations.  Matthew has really enjoyed this.

One of the things we did a few weeks ago has really helped Matthew when he gets stuck in an angry place.  I used to try and tell him to do a certain strategy and was just met with defiance and anger.  Well the other day we sat down together and I had him create a list of all the appropriate things he COULD do when he was angry.  He came up with the following:

1. Angry Drawing
2. Pushups
3. Yell into pillow
4. Breathing Exercises
5. Squeeze and release muscles
6. Punch mattress

He hung the list in his room.  Now when he gets angry instead of telling him "Go do some pushups" or "Use your breathing", I tell him go pick three things off your list to do.  This has given him back a sense of control when his anger and frustration is making him feel out of control.  It has taken away the focus on me telling him what to do and empowered him to pick his strategies.

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  1. I like this, mostly because the authors of "A Safe Place for Caleb" were my professors at college. :)


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