Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How annoyed am I??

Found this old post that I never published from 2010 a week after the boys got here ;). I'm so looking forward to a new placement!

VERY!!  Everyone is sound asleep.....that is everyone but ME! 

The boys are all here and cute as can be :)  Baby R is sound asleep next to me in the pack and play.  There was a brief attempt to move him to the crib, followed by the quick lesson of the day-  Do not move the sleeping baby!  If baby falls asleep downstairs you leave baby asleep downstairs and set up shop on the couch for the night :) 

Boys bedtime at the relative placement 10:00, Boys bedtime at my house 7:30 for Little W, 8:30 for Big E.  Seemed to go well and no one noticed the change.  Baby R fell asleep at 6 and has woken up twice so far for about 10 minutes each time- not too bad for an 8 week old.

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