Friday, May 14, 2010


Guess who called today.....thats right the social worker. Remember how earlier this week she said my homestudy was being sent to the state......yeah well that didnt happen. She calls me this afternoon to tell me she needs MORE paperwork. Apparently since it took her SO long to get this homestudy done I now need to provide her with the 2009 taxes, updated utility bills, and updated pet vacinations. Now of course the cats rabies vaccination expired this past Wednesday! Now I will be spending the weekend getting all of this together to get to her by Monday, because of course she claims it will be going out Monday. Who wants to take that bet???

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  1. Ugh, I completely understand.
    My RW decided she didn't need a work reference (I'm a nanny, and not on the books)... until after the THIRD (and final!) meeting I had with her- 9 weeks after we started. And then SHE complained that she didn't get the paperwork fast enough (which was sent to her 5 times... literally)- apparently I am responsible for the USPS and her fax machine issues.

    I get the feeling we have to get used to these things 8-/


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