Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pray for Patience

Im getting impatient and frustrated with the whole system and Im not even licensed yet! Can't imagine what it will be like when I actually have a placement, but let me back up here first. My CW is completely disorganized! She called a month ago (she should have been calling to tell me I was licensed) to tell me that she had submitted my homestudy to her supervisor and realized she forgot to ask me who my emergency care provider would be. Now, we HAD already gone over this during the home study, but as with everything else she failed to take notes, or lost the nots, or didnt realize she needed to write it down! I again tell her who it is and she informs me she has to do a background check and have her sign the disciplinary agreement...mind you I really do not plan on leaving my foster child alone with anyone other than the daycare providers but oh well. She says to me that she has my friends contact number and will contact her. 2 weeks later she calls me back and says she cant find her phone number!!!! WHAT!!! She was my reference so does that mean you lost the reference??? Anyway, gave her the new number...did she call??? NOT FOR ANOTHER WEEK!! Then tells my friend that she needs to do a homestudy at her house??!! So that is not scheduled for another week. My friend leaves work in the middle of the day to go home and meet her...of course she is 30 minutes late. Then the CW says shes not prepared to do a home inspection so why doesnt she just sign this thing saying she wont watch the FK at her house. UNBELIEVABLE! Now I have to wait for her background check to come back...oh and did i mention she just had a background check done because she is a CASA volunteer. CW "couldnt find it in the system".

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