Sunday, July 11, 2010


So I have a dillema.  The boys were here this weekend.  My boxer, Bentley, had to be kept in the kitchen the entire weekend.  He stood at the gate and barked everytime a kid came by.  When I tried to let him out he just could not settle down.  Little kids running and playing was just too much excitement.  Not to mention Boxers love to jump, Bentley loves it to the max, which would mean poor children being knocked over.  It created a lot of stress for me...and for Bentley.   If my goal is kids in the house, Im afraid that might mean my first baby will need a better fit :(

Im a mess!!!! What do I do??


  1. I don't know... 8-( my Boxer jumps too, but luckily the girls I have over are used to it and have learned to brace themselves and say no, lol.

    I really wish I had better advice for you...

  2. I would try and find a good trainer and work with the dog. There is a chance you can train him enough to stay with you. I was worried about my dog, but she is great with my son.
    Good luck. I know it is hard to think about having to give up your first baby.


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