Friday, July 9, 2010

HA...All that waiting did me good!!

So its a good think I didnt listen to myself!!  I was sitting at home just waiting when my CW finally called back.  She asked if the Placement Worker had called.  I say "No??" and she says he was supposed to call me to discuss placement of the 3 siblings.   AHHHHHH, right as I am talking to her a fax comes through on my home fax machine.  It is a letter from the Placement worker saying to call him.  SO I get off the phone with CW and call.  Get this:  First they had given him my fax number not my phone number.  Secon, he had been calling all yesterday and this morning.  Third he called my CW several times and she NEVER even called him after we spoke yesterday morning and I said I would be interested.  FInaly last night she emailed the Placement worker and just said "She's interested."  Thats it!!!!  SO he tells me all about him and I say that I would take them.  3 boys (5, 1.5, and Newborn).  Oldest has ADHD and some behavior issues, middle one has some Speech/Language problems due to chronic ear infections and newborn appears to be healthy with no problems.  Placement worker was trying to set up a meeting this weekend with the kids so we could begin the transition, but wasnt sure he would be able to get ahold of the kids CW.

Anyway, now Im freaking out!!!!  SO nervous and SO excited....what to do!!???!!!  Im hoping everything works out and they actually do end up never know in the foster world.  This would be a legal risk placement, the older 2 have been in care for 6 months with parents not really working the case plan.  Baby just came into care a couple of days ago.

On a side yet somewhat related note...anyone remember this Saved by the Bell episode :)


  1. Aaahhh!!! Fingers crossed on the placement!

    And Most EPIC Episode of Anything EVER!
    "Jessi" was on Chelsea Handler a while ago and was an awesome sport and did the line. Priceless.

  2. Congratulations!!!!!! I can't wait to be in your shoes!!!!!


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