Monday, July 26, 2010


Ok I feel totally behind on telling all of you about the new placement and how things are going!  It has been a crazy week and was not the ideal time for three new boys under 5!!  I had 9-5 trainings all week last week so pretty much I got everyone up dropped them off at daycare went to trainings, picked them up from daycare and came time for blogging.....and my internet at home is off?!

So we will start with the highlights:

1.  8 week old baby only weighs nine pounds (was 7lbs at birth), makes no eye contact, and has no control over his head yet....Dr. was concerned and we go back wednesday to make sure he is gaining.   It took about 4 days for me to even here the baby cry.  He would just sit there....all day....if you let him.  By the 5th day he realized if he cried someone would pick him up and that someone would feed him.  They had previously only been giving him apple juice and water.  Im pretty sure this little guy has gained a couple of pounds in the last week!  He is now making eye contact and Im pretty sure he smiled at me the other day....although it could be gas :)

2.  2 year old boy is severly delayed in speech/language, although I can definitely make out the word "NO".  Problem is he says no to everything....even if he means yes :)  He is copying his older brother which has made for some behavior issues, but last night I instituted a time out in his bedroom (rather than on the steps) and I think he got it?

3.  5 year old......I dont even know where to begin on this one.  Discipline has been getting a little better, and by better I mean there is only a 30 minute screaming, kicking, hitting fest instead of 1.5 hours!  He set a fire in his bedroom earlier in the week.....with a lighter he stole from target.  Im pretty sure it was more of a curiosity thing then some psychopath killer thing.....but if I die in a house fire you know who to blame.  We installed a smoke detector just in his room and he will hopefully be getting into a fire safety class at the local childrens hospital.

4.  We had a family team meeting to discuss the new placement.  Mom and Dad were there and had the opportunity to tell me the kids likes/dislikes, etc.   They had no clue...I mean they said the kids didnt like we have been eating PB & J like its a job??  The kids are afraid of thunder storms.....ummm we have had 2 since they got here and no problems.  The kids dont take naps....ok the 2 year old consistently takes 2 hour naps?  You get my point. 

Gotto go for now...more to come


  1. It definitely sounds like you've had your hands full! It also sounds like you've made progress with these boys! It's simultaneously maddening and heartbreaking to hear how little the parents knew their children. I'm so glad that they're with you... keep it up, I'm rooting for you!

  2. I have been following your blog for a while. I felt your pain months ago when you mention how long it took for the home study to be completeled.

    Congrats on your 3 placements.


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