Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Submitting Homestudy

So now that I have my license and a new Foster/Adopt Case Manager I have been obsessing with photolistings and making sure my phone is always next to me in case there is THE call.  After trying to get a hold of this new case manaager for a couple of weeks I did talk to her today.  She said she would have to schedule a meeting to come out and meet with me and get a release to send my homestudy outside of the county. She couldnt schedule it over the phone right then since her coputer is "apparently" not working.  Sense the sarcasm!  I told her about a little boy I had seen a county over.  His caseworker is supposed to be contacting mine to get the homestudy and discuss whether I would be a match.   Could it be this easy??  Probably not...but heres to hoping!

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