Sunday, July 11, 2010

Things I've learned this weekend:

When a child's first words to you are, "I wanna kill I REALLY want to!", you are in for a great time!

No matter what or where it is, it will get sticky.

"Im thirsty" means I will drink one sip of whatever you give me and leave the rest.

The Wii is a magical behavior modification tool.

Nap time is the greatest invention known to man :)
We had a roller coaster of a weekend!  It took until Saturday afternoon to really see what makes the boys tick, but after that things went smoother....only 1 time out today!!  I had grandeose ideas of feeding my kiddos organic and natural foods.....this went out the window on the way home from pick up when we went through burger king!  Oh well :)  I thought my house was child proofed.....wrongo! 
I should hear from the caseworker Monday and hopefully the boys and baby brother will be moving in.  I will spend the next few days reorganizing the house to make it more child friendly.

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  1. I have a Standard poodle, 2 yrs old. Still I pup really. Not socialized at all. Loves to jump on people. He is good with babies, but whent hey can stand and walk then he wants to jump. It will take a while but your dog will get use to kids in the house. But I'm right there with you. Its going to be stressful and crazy for a long while. we'll find balance one day. LOL. good luck


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