Friday, November 15, 2013

Committee approved homestudy

So my homestudy worker for fostercare was out this morning. The committee he presented me to on Tuesday gave me the thumbs up. In fact they wanted to know if I would consider doing Therapeutic Foster Care as they were impressed with my credentials and experience. No thank-you! I told him I wasn't interested in doing that until I had a chance to see how my boys were going to do with everything. I think I will go ahead and start working on the training hours needed for the Therapeutic license though, just to have it. Next step in the process is he has to finish writing the report and adding some details we talked about today. he should be done with that next week and will give it to his supervisor to approve as well as give me a chance to look over it. Two of my boys need to have new physicals since the ones I originally gave him have now expired. I got those scheduled for Monday so it shouldn't slow anything down. He thinks that I should be licensed by mid-December and receive calls then. Fingers crossed I am almost done with this incredible long process to get licensed AGAIN :) Remind me not to move any more.

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