Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Top 10 benefits of being a SINGLE Foster Parent

10.  You don't need to get your partners approval before spending tons of money on outings or toys!

9.  You only have to worry about one adults calendar when scheduling and attending the endless appointments, meetings, court dates, and visits.

8. Due to trauma and abuse some children do better with one gender adult over another, this type of kiddo can thrive in a situation with a single parent of the preferred gender.

7. You don't need to discuss and agree on rules, consequences, or other discipline issues.  What you say goes!

6.  You can snuggle that baby all you want, no one is lurking to take over the snuggles.

5.  Unless a case worker is coming by, no one expects you to clean the house or make something fancier than mac and cheese for dinner.

4. There is only one set of interviews and forms in the home study process!

3.  After a long day of dealing with the "system" and a house full of kids, there is no partner expecting you to take care of them.  You just get to enjoy a glass of wine and go to bed!

2.  There is no other parent for kids to try and manipulate or triangulate!

1.  When a placement call comes there is nobody you have to check with first!

What other reasons can you think of??

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