Monday, November 11, 2013

Homestudy....yep still talking about that

The homestudy worker called this afternoon.  I started getting really nervous because he started off the conversation saying he needed to schedule another visit to come out. We scheduled the visit for Friday and I thought for sure that meant I wouldn't be presented to the committee for licensure this month.  The "committee" that approves foster parents for licensure only meets one time a month, this month they are meeting tomorrow.  It seems like every month since May my worker has told me he is almost done putting together my homestudy and will present it next month.  At this point it is pretty ridiculous.  Ive given them every document and made myself extremely available so this should not be taking this long.  Every month I heard about how he was backed up with kinship studies that he had to get done first, which I get, but really his story was constantly changing so I don't think that was a valid excuse.  Oh well, hopefully everything will go smoothly tomorrow and we will move on to whatever the next step is!  I remember getting so frustrated and anxious when I was getting licensed the first time, but in the end all that waiting was just God's plan to put the boys in my life.  If I had been licensed earlier I may have never had them in my life.  Im praying that God will use this delay to place a child in our home who will be a perfect fit and the wait will be worth it! 

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