Thursday, November 7, 2013

National Adoption Month Giveaway: Looking Back on our Journey

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November is National Adoption Month, in case you hadn't already picked up on that from all the cute and sappy adoption storylines and promos on TV :)  I have to admit watching the Disney Channel this morning with my kids about had me in tears between the "Gotcha Day" storyline on Jesse and the commercial about a former foster (now adopted) child who created an organization to give back to foster kids.  I'm an emotional hot mess over here, not only because it is National Adoption Month, but because I had the privilege of adopting my three boys two years ago today! We are entering our third year as a official family and technically fourth year if we count from the time they were placed with me as a foster placement.  It has been such a journey, filled with ups and downs, ins and outs. So much has changed since I started this blog and I have learned so much.  When I look back to over the last several years I realize this whole foster care and adoption thing was and is so different than I expected it to be.  I had originally said I wanted a girl 0-2 years old, I originally thought I would end up fostering for a long time and have many placements before I ever got to adopt, I naively thought that love and stability would conquer all the trauma that kids would come to my home with.  Instead I got three boys (5,2, and 7 weeks at the time),  they were my first placement and ended up going to adoption within a year, and despite love and stability the trauma they endured impacts our lives daily.  Although this journey has blessed me beyond belief and pushed me to limits I never knew existed the one benefit that I never saw coming is the connections I have made in the adoption community.  I have met people online and in real life, all across the country (and Canada!), who share this deep connection and bond that adoption brings.  I have traveled for hours in a car to meet up with other families whose children struggle with early childhood trauma and attachment.  Despite our differences in religion, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, beliefs, food preferences we connect.  Even more importantly our kids connect and understand each other without having to explain their background or stories.  I never would have imagined that this road of foster care and adoption would have brought me so many connections, friends, and love.  I've had to change everything I ever thought I knew about parenting along this journey, thankfully the boys are very forgiving of my epic failures!  Four years ago I was in over my head struggling to figure it all out, trauma, attachment, case workers, visits.  If you would have told me then that things were all going to turn out okay, I would have laughed!  Not only did we make it through, but we have all become better, stronger, and wiser.  So much so that we are all excited to do it again....hmmm maybe were not wiser after all :)

Im so excited to have teamed up with some other AWESOME foster and adopted mommas to offer you a $60 blog hop giveaway.  All month long different bloggers will be featured discussing adoption for National Adoption Month and offering tons of opportunities to enter the giveaway!
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