Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Medication Approved!

James' medication was finally approved by the insurance!  I originally was hoping to start with Intuiv right off the bat, since we've already done this whole medication dance with Matthew and that was what worked for him.  I knew the insurance probably wouldn't go for it, but we tried regardless.  As expected it was shot down and we finally landed on Tenex, which is the same as Intuniv but not extended release.  I didn't see much success with it with Matthew, however he was on several medications at that time.  We will try it with James and see what happens.  He will take it twice a day. We started this morning before school, he stayed for "Lunch Bunch" so I didn't get him until 2pm.  He seemed tired (which never happens) when I picked him up.  He said he sat real still during circle time and thought the medicine helped.  Here's hoping it will make a difference.

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