Monday, February 3, 2014

Essential items for Fostering

  1. Lice Kits: GET A COUPLE OF THESE, do not skip this!!
  2. Extra Suitcases (ask friends for old ones or check out thrift stores):  When a child leaves you want to be able to send them on with suitcases rather than "trash bags" so keeping some extras are handy.
  3. Lock Box for medications
  4. Rubbermaid with Lid:  Keep one available to put any items the child comes with in until you have a chance to go through them together.  You will want to wash any clothing, bedding, stuffed animals in very hot water.  Anything not able to be washed will need to be checked very carefully for any contraband, bugs, etc.
  5. Assortment of Clothes in sizes you are expecting:  Pajamas and one layered outfit are enough to get you through a day if a child comes without anything.  You can always head to the store sometime the next day to get what you need (but if you're anything like me you will quickly have bins filled with cute clothes you couldn't pass up).

  1. Crib: Check with agency on any specific rules regarding cribs
  2. Swing:  Pick one that goes both side to side and front to back in order to meet different infants preferences
  3. Baby Sling/Carrier: Face to Face baby wearing encourages attachment
  4. Car seat-convertible
  5. Pacifiers
  6. Can of formula and a couple jars of baby food
  7. Bottles
  8. Outlet Covers
  9. Baby Gate
  10. Kid Sized utensils

  1. Convertible car seat
  2. Kid friendly foods:  Regardless of your food preferences at home, it is best to have a few kid friendly items available (Mac and cheese, spaghettios) for comfort foods when a kid first comes.
  3. Bed: I move kids right from a crib to a twin sized bed with guard rail, but if you like toddler beds you may want to have one for this age range.
  4. Outlet Covers
  5. Baby Gate
  6. Comfort Item- A small stuffed animal and blanket can make a world of difference the first night.

  1. Kid friendly foods (Mac and cheese, spaghettios)
  2. Bed
  3. Booster Seat
  4. Comfort Item- A small stuffed animal and blanket can make a world of difference the first night.

  1. Kid friendly foods (Mac and cheese, spaghettios)
  2. Bed

What other items can you think of that are MUST-HAVES?


  1. For birth-2 I would add diapers! A great way to get a small variety stocked up is to ask moms for a few diapers of each if you know a mom with a newborn, ask if you can have leftovers of her newborn size diapers when she moves baby up to size 1, even if she only gives you 5-10 diapers it's nice to have on hand :)

  2. Be sure to have plastic mattress covers under a regular bed cover, just incase of accidents.

  3. I've loved using Chux for a mattress cover for toddlers and older. They are disposable, which makes middle of the night changings one step easier. I would caution against using them with younger children because the plastic lining could be a suffocation hazard.

  4. a gentle wide toothed comb

  5. I think this is a fantastic list! I would add basic toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, comb, shampoo). All of which can be purchased at the dollar store. A few books, puzzles, boardgames! Katie

  6. Definitely a few extra bedding sets. A water proof & bedbug proof zipping mattress cover AND the same for pillow covers.
    I'd say have some money saved up, because the kid might not come with anything and the stipend doesnt come until the beginning of the next month. (Our kiddo needed new shoes and all new clothes, it was a tough few weeks at first!)
    I agree 100% with the lice kits!

  7. Picture frames - they often get broken on the way to you and are really important to keep precious photos safe

  8. For birth-2 i would also say to have Destin Maximum Strength on hand. It helps heal diaper rash VERY fast.

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  10. 10-18:
    A backpack for school (they may not come with one)
    plus at least a notebook & pen for the same purpose.
    Headphones and something that can listen to music
    "adult" coloringbooks & colorpencils.

    Teens don't need less than younger kids. i feel like people think "those aren't necessary" but its the GESTURE that the teens will love.


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