Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Respite Placement:

SO in my 2 year hiatus from taking foster placements I almost forgot what the system was like...till today when I accepted a respite placement:

 Placement Worker- I have the sweetest boy, he is so polite, I really have nothing bad to say about him.
Me- That should work out fine, sounds good.
Worker dropping him off- I need you to sign his safety plan, he needs to be with you at all times especially around little kids due to some "issues". Oh and he needs transport to a visit tonight, school the next two days and a therapy appointment on Friday.....

Really??!! Right now I find the whole thing absolutely amusing, but I'm sure after a few more weeks of this I will be back to my pissed off at the system self!

Oh well, so far he is definitely polite and kind, we drove 45 minutes each way to a visit where no one showed up.  Considering we may be snowed in the rest of the week I probably wont have to do the school or therapy transport and it will be fun for the boys to have a new friend to play with for awhile.

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