Friday, February 7, 2014

FInally had school today!

After snow days for one or the others, today was the first day all week that everyone went back to school!  WOOHOO, ok the littles only have 2 hours at preschool, but its still 2 hours :)  Things were getting bad around here fast, everyone on edge, attitudes flailing! I was glad for the break.  Although they are now saying snow on Sunday so we may have even more snow days in our future.  I wasn't on it this week, my back has been killing me, making me want to just sit on the couch all day.  Which is what I did?  Yay, self care for me!  Boo, lack of structure, boundaries, and routine for the boys.  The free for all always begins smoothly at my house luring me into a false sense of security that I will be able to relax for a day, put down my hyper-vigilant spidey sense and rest.  This usually lasts half an hour before it all back fires and somebody ends up on line of sight restriction because they cant "play nice" with the others.  Its days like these I feel guilty for not being supermom.  If I was supermom, instead of sitting on the couch barking out orders this is how the snowday would have gone:

I would have had a series of activities planned and ready to go; preferably educational, therapeutic, and fun.
We would have had a family meeting right when they woke up outlining the days schedule down to the minute, including what we would be eating and when snacks would be allowed.
I would have set them up with the activities, supervised, guided, redirected, and cleaned the house at the same time.
I would have had a variety of rewards to give out and encourage the boys.
I would have scheduled individual one on one time throughout the day.
Meals would have been fun and nutritional.

But today.....I sat on the couch :(  Oh well, theres always tomorrow!

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