Friday, February 28, 2014

Alex's Fear

Its always amazing to me how some kids have to live in fear.  I wish no child ever experienced that feeling. I have seen increasing "fear" in Alex as he lets us in on more of his life and experiences.  From what I can tell his life was relatively good, but birthmom wound up in jail and Alex was passed from family member to family member before he was placed here.  As we were shopping for some clothes he told me he had never lived somewhere like this before, "You take care of me AND keep me safe".  Like it was an either or sort of situation, and in his case I think it was.  Some family kept him safe but couldn't meet his needs and others met his needs but put him in unsafe environments.  Alex is registered for school, he started Thursday.  He couldn't believe how nice his teacher was and that he had made friends. His DHS worker came by the house yesterday. I knew it would be interesting when he called to introduce himself.  I asked how he was and he said, "Yous know I be maintain'n."  When I told Alex he was coming he told me, "I hate that guy".  I asked him why and he told me he always comes to take me away and put me in bad places and he never tells me what's going on.  Alex then his under his bed when he heard him pulling up.  It took some coaxing and reassuring that he was not coming to take him away to get him to come out.  Well when the DHS worker showed up I quickly saw how communication with Alex was probably not his strongsuit.  I couldn't even get a coherent sentence out of him, it was all "Yous, well Yous know".  Ummmm no I do NOT know, that is the point, I have NO clue what is going on in this case, this is the first time Ive talked to you??!!  Let me give you a visual of the DHS guy, some gold teeth, gold sunglasses (its cold, snowy, and dark here!), pants hanging off his butt and a sideways hat to top it all off.  Oh times.
Today as the boys were playing Cops and Robbers outside Alex kept telling me he heard gunshots and people screaming (more like a little girl playing a few houses over and a car door).  He was terrified.  I keep reassuring him he is safe here and will keep doing so.  Looks like visits may be starting with mom at the prison soon.


  1. Oh my word.....your social worker sounds like a winner o_0 Poor Alex, my heart breaks for him...he is so lucky to have you to keep him safe and meet his needs!! I'm really glad to hear that school went well for him, it's so hard to start all over but having a positive experience sure does make it easier :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow! My uncommunicative SD sounds like a dream compared to your worker! We're working over here on getting A to sleep in her own room so I can't imagine what it would be for Alex who is scared of life even during the day. It sounds like your home is exactly where he needs to be right now.

  3. Hey lady, how are things going with Alex? I keep looking for a new post from you....hope things are going well :)


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